Jesus emobodies God.  Although he always existed as one with God before time began, two thousand years ago Jesus was born into this world with a body like ours.

After teaching and living in a way that revealed his identity, Jesus was executed on a Roman cross.  This was’t failure.  It was part of God’s plan to reconcile us to himself and fix everything that’s wrong with the world, caused by our rebellion against God.  God raised Jesus to life again on the third day as the King and beginning of the restored world.

Jesus makes some extraordinary claims.  That he’s the one and only way to know God.  That there is no freedom and life without him.  That there is no good future without him.

Come and join us as we explore who Jesus is and what he’s done.  Or find out why there’s only two ways to live – with Jesus, or without him – a choice none of us can avoid making.