We’ve been meeting together in Gladstone for more than 150 years.

Our story begins long before that, with Jesus’ apostles.  They were with Jesus from the time he began to teach, and were eyewitnesses of his resurrection.  The good news of Jesus spread throughout the world and new churches were established as people put their hope in Jesus.

Settlers from Scotland arrived in Gladstone and established our church community in the 1860’s.

Construction on a meeting place in the heart of Gladstone began in 1867, and the original foundation stone is still there today.  This building was destroyed by a cyclone in March 1949.  We rebuilt on the same site and the current building was finished in 1956.

We’ve been part of the Gladstone community for a long time.  People and buildings have changed, but our purpose is still the same.  Under God, we hope to be here into the future, doing what we’ve always done – growing disciples of Jesus.